Z3040X14 Half Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine

Technical Parameter

Max. drilling dia(mm) 40
Distance between spindle axis and column surface(mm) 350-1370
Headstock level migration distance(mm) 1015
Under the main axle is away from the end surface to the basic skills left side of (mm) 260—1210
Rocking shaft heave height(mm) 700
The rocking shaft rises and falls the speed{mm/m) 1.32
Rocker rotary angle ±90°
Spindle Cone 莫氏 4号
Spinde speeds range(r/mm) 40-1896
Spinde speed step 12级
Spinde feeding range(mm/r) 0.13-0.54
Spinde feeding step 4级
Spindle travel(mm) 260
Maximum torque spindle(N) 200
Maximum resistance to the spindle(N) 1000
Spindle motor power 2.2
N.W/G.W(kg) 2200
Contour size machine 2053x820x2483

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