Bulletproof Steel Plate

Bulletproof steel plate is generally used in bulletproof protection and explosion-proof projects, such as range equipment, bulletproof door, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof jacket, bulletproof shield, bank counter, confidential safe, riot truck, bulletproof cash carrier, range equipment, armored personnel carrier, combat vehicle, submarine, landing boat, anti-smuggling boat, helicopter, etc.

Important Points of Bulletproof (FY2200) Series!

Bulletproof (FY2200) armor plate has four characteristics.

1. The Alloy composition is carefully designed: Low alloy micro alloying makes the performance to the extreme and has the best process performance.

2. Refining raw materials: Repeatedly refining inside and outside the furnace, frying harmful gases and impurities to the minimum, welding and cold bending.

3. Accurate hot rolling plate shape: Minimum thickness tolerance, Maximum two-way flatness.

4. Self-controlled spray quenching: The microstructure is fine and the hardness distribution is uniform. Chemical composition of FY2200 series armor plate (%).

Steel Type and Model:

FY2200. Thickness MM:2.5-20。C:=<0.35。Si:=<0.70。Mn:=<1.70。P:=<0.020。S:=<0.015。Cr:0.7~1.20。Ni:=<0.80。Mo:=<0.60。B:=<0.004( alloying elements can be added as needed:Ti,Nb,V and so on)

Main Mechanical Properties of FY2200 Series Bulletproof Steel Plate

Application standard of FY2200 series bulletproof steel plate is Q/CQGY408A-2018

Steel Type and Model

FY2200 Mechanical property. Yield strength: Rp0.2(N/mm2)=> 1300. Tensile strength Rm(N/mm2)=> 1650. Elongation A5 % => 8. Impact strength t- 40℃J:20. Quenching and tempering hardness HBW:470HB~530HB.

Available Sizes of FY2200 Series Bulletproof Steel Plate

Thickness range MM: 3M~20MM
Width MM: 1000~2000MM
Length Range MM: 3000-8000MM
Bundle Weight: 3 ~ 4 Tons

Bulletproof Steel Plates